Monday, September 25, 2006

Dance Of The Morons

Cost of cleaning up the Superdome, and readying it for tonight's Monday night football game: $144 million dollars

Cost of unused (declared unsafe for a flood area) FEMA trailers: $114 million dollars

From an AP story on the Superdome's re-opening:

Brian and LaChandra McGowan's lives are still in disarray.

A year after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home and ravaged their city, they're in Dallas, where they moved "temporarily." That government trailer they've been waiting on for months has yet to materialize, and they're only now starting to rebuild their home.

And their close-knit family is strewn across the country — some in Phoenix, some in Baltimore, only one sibling in New Orleans.

Yet when it came time to renew their Saints season tickets, Brian McGowan never hesitated.

"I said, `Brian, we lost everything we had. We have nothing. We're fighting with the insurance company and FEMA, and you're going to spend money we don't have to hold onto these tickets?'" LaChandra McGowan recalled.

"He said, `That's all I have left and I won't let them go. We'll put it on a credit card, we'll do whatever it takes. I won't let them go.'"

Sure enough, the McGowans and their two sons were back in New Orleans on Sunday. Their trip will be brief, time enough to see some family and friends and the Saints' triumphant return home. But their presence — and that of thousands others like them — is as much a testament to the loyalty of Saints fans as to the resilience of the city itself're basically homeless, and you spent money you couldn't afford on FUCKING FOOTBALL TICKETS? Dude. You should have let Katrina kill you. You are as worthless a skinwalker as I've ever heard of in my entire life. Check your family tree; I'll bet you are somehow related to Dubya. Wow. What. A. Moron.


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