Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sean Penn Is A Retard...FOR REALZ.

Penn Slams "Insensitive" Reporting

Actor Sean Penn has blasted the US media for "insensitive" reporting, insisting journalists no longer make time to investigate stories thoroughly. The crusading star recently covered the Iranian elections for the San Francisco Chronicle, submitting a 12,000 word article about the eye-opening experience. But the Mystic River actor admits the press project has left him cynical about US reporting. He says, "There's a constant insensitivity. I watched journalists. They could only ever be seen by their subject as the person with a deadline. It's 'breaking news', literally. By the time you get the news, you've broken it. You don't get a chance to investigate stories. These journalists spend half the time in the internet cafe, filing a story."

Um. Sean? We live in a culture of immediacy. Twenty four hour news has conditioned the public into an "instant gratification" mode insofar as current events; and if you don't tell them, they will look elsewhere. So, of course the reporters are fighting deadlines; and because of this, they don't have time to look at EVERY SINGLE THREAD OF A STORY. Don't hate the player, hate the game; oh and by the way, THAT'S ALWAYS BEEN THE GAME IN JOURNALISM. Also, there's this thing in journalism called "objectivity". It allows a reporter to write a story without become so involved that they become part of the story; you might want to look into that. It isn't like acting; where you WANT to get involved and be part of the story. The Anderson Cooper model is a good example; he gets involved with the story, he cares, he gets emotional without BECOMING the story. Mostly. You, on the other hand, LOVE being the story. Like Michael Moore, you love the sound of your own crowing more than you love the subject of your rants; and thusly you both make all liberals look bad. If you could please stop being such a retard, that would be awesome. Failing that, just stop appearing in public. THANKS!


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