Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oh. Hi!

February? Really? Gosh. Sorry. No excuse.

A few random thoughts:

- Suri...Moxie CrimeFighter...Zolten Penn...Bluebell Madonna...Apple...Poppy Honey...Daisy Boo...Pilot Inspektor...Speck Wildhorse...Zowie...Tinkerbell...Peaches Honeyblossom...Fifi Trixibelle...Tigerlily. These, dear reader, are celebrity baby names. Add this to the "list of things needing independent oversight".

- The McDonald's salads aren't bad. If you take off the cheese. And add cucumbers and your own delicious salad dressing. Mmmm.

- If you know anyone who has three million dollars to spare, and wants to be the silent/money partner for a ren-fair/D&D concept bar/restaurant in Chicago, let me know. I have a great business plan ready and waiting.

- Moron Watch: Tony Snow (tell us, Tone; what do the nuts in Dubya's poop taste like?), Hillary Clinton (ethanol? really? more expensive and not as good as regular gas? ah. okay.), Al Gore (hi! global warming is a natural process that we humans can't stop, okay? so, shut up, grow your beard back, and go help Tipper put labels on all the music I like.), Donald Rumsfeld (dude, have you considered, you know, quitting your job and going home to fish? seriously.), Mayor Daley (foie gras? you're gonna get mad about fucking foie gras? idiot.) and the CTA (just because).

That's all. I'll try to post more. Promise.


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