Thursday, April 19, 2007

Gee. I Wonder If *I'M* Normal...

From here:

University officials said that all of Cho's student victims would be awarded degrees posthumously.

Gosh. Thanks? I’ll bet they won’t be refunding their tuition.

Also: Fox said there is typically a precipitating event that sets a gunman off. It is not yet known what that was in Cho's case. "It may not be huge" to normal people, but to Cho "it was the final straw that broke the camel's back," Fox said.

“Fox” would be Northeastern University criminal justice professor James Alan Fox.

His website is here.

I left a message for him asking him to define these so-called “normal” people. I wonder if I’ll hear back. I'll let you know.

Also; this is fucking HIGH-larry-us. Careful, retard boy; you wouldn't want anyone to notice that YOU are "exhibiting abnormal behavior" and "suggest that somebody take a look". Like an impeachment panel. Le sigh. I can dream.


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