Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I think I might like Dennis Kucinich more than I like Barack Obama...

- The immediate withdrawal of all US forces from Iraq and replacing them with an international security force? Check!
- Guaranteed quality education for all, including free pre-kindergarten and college for all who want it? Check!
- Immediate withdrawal from the World Trade Organization (WTO) and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)? Check!
- Repealing the USA PATRIOT Act? Check!
- Fostering a world of international cooperation? Check!
- Abolishing the death penalty? Check!
- Environmental renewal and clean energy? Check!
- Preventing the privatization of social security? Check!
- Providing full social security benefits at age 65? Check!
- Creating a cabinet-level "Department of Peace"? Check!
- Ratifying the ABM Treaty and the Kyoto Protocol? Check!
- Introducing reforms to bring about instant-runoff voting? Check!
- Protecting a woman's right to choose while decreasing the number of abortions performed in the US? Check!
- Ending the war on drugs? Check!
- Legalizing same-sex marriage? Check!
- Creating a balance between workers and corporations? Check!
- Ending the H1B and L3 Visa Programs? Check!
- Restoring rural communities and family farms? Check!

Sorry, Obama. I may end up voting for you...but I have to go with my heart.


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