Thursday, January 26, 2006


Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I don't post if I'm not moved to, or if I can't be bothered.

Here's what's going on in my world:

- The other day I was informed that my contract would not be renewed at my current job. This sucks on many levels, but very nice of them to give me five weeks warning, so I can look for another situation. I wish I could stay on here. The money's good, the people are nice, and free lunch. Meh.

- I want to go back and finish college; but I can't decide what I want to study. I have it narrowed down to film/video editing (with training in flash and shockwave) or forensic accounting.

- Saw "Brokeback Mountain". It will win many, many Oscars, deservedly so. It's is a wonderful film.

- Saw "King Kong". It is also a wonderful film, for similar reasons. Both films made me cry. The GF hated it; thought it was too long. This from someone who doesn't flinch at watching all three LOTR films, director's cuts, back to back to back. I just think she's scairt of GIANT SPI-DERS.

- Here are some funny photos or things I've found of late:


I took this picture in my cubicle the other day. I hung my coat up, like a good boy...and the whole day, I kept thinking that someone was BEHIND ME. Yikes. I went back to crumpling it on top of my filing cabinet.

Amazing...he even has bad grammar in PRINT!

Oh, that George Bush...he even has bad grammar in PRINT! HA! The president is a retard who has no public speaking skills! Ha! No one has ever observed that, EVER!

That's all for now. Back to eating my apple. Meh.


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