Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Irony With A Capital "I"

Is anyone else amused by Dubya calling for an end to the violent protests triggered by cartoons of Muhammad? Especially this statement:

"With freedom comes the responsibility to be thoughtful about others"

Um. Wow. Practice what you preach, moron.

In other news, I posted the cartoons in question to my Flickr account, meaning to make them private, intending to use them as the basis of a discussion of press freedoms and religious iconography. I did not realize at the time I uploaded them that you can make things private as they upload. Literally SECONDS after I uploaded them, I got this message from "
pakidude", another Flicker member:

Subject: Offensive Content

I am shocked to learn, the same religiously offensive cartoons that have been refused to be published by major US newspapers like Washington Post and USA today, have been posted on flickr by you.

As a progressive Muslim living in New York, I can assure you that every single Muslim will find them extremely offensive and insensitive.


I, of course, responded in my usual calm and polite manner:

Re: Offensive Content

You're shocked? Why are you shocked? Do you know me? You don't, do you? I'm not religious. I find religious iconography interesting. I posted them to show some friends, and have a discussion about religious tolerance and the freedom of the press.

And I have a news flash for you, Jack:

- You aren't all that progressive if you find a cartoon offensive.

- I could care less about what "every single Muslim" (above and beyond the fact that GUESS WHAT YOU DON'T SPEAK FOR ALL OF THEM) finds offensive, just like I didn't care what Christians thought when I posted this - or what Scientologists thought when I posted this -

Now. Please fuck off.

I then made the pictures private (again, this was my original intention) and blocked "Syed".

He responded on this blog accordingly (since deleted, as it was off-topic for the post):

what happened fuck face? i guess flickr deleted your shit... tough luck bitch... thats what you get for being a fucking moron. syed from flickr.

I responded:

Let me answer your question; "what happened fuck face?" Having little context to go by, and judging solely from your photos; I'd say that your mom fucked a camel. That’s just a guess. It may be wrong.

Your next statement, “i guess flickr deleted your shit...” is untrue. I made the pictures viewable by only my friends and family; which was my original intention. Not because I didn’t want to insult the likes of you and your easily insulted brethren; but to avoid interactions such as these with small-minded worshipers of imaginary people like you.

You then put forth this interesting statement: “tough luck bitch”. Wow. I don’t believe in luck; but I do hear that “Reality is a bitch and I heard that she bites”. Seeing as your entire religion seems based on keeping women in a lower caste, and devaluing them in general, I’m not shocked that you would use such language. I wonder what your nieces would say about that? Well, if they were a) allowed to speak on such matters and b) could be understood from behind their veils.

Your next bon mot was “thats what you get for being a fucking moron”. First of all; not to go all “grammar cop” on you, but that apostrophe lives between the “t” and the “s” for a reason, mister! Secondly; who’s the fucking moron here? Me for posting cartoons for discussion on my gallery; or you for attacking a stranger with no context or dialogue?

I should also tell you the following, just so you know where I’m coming from:

- I hate George W. Bush, and have proudly voted against him four times
- I do not support the war on terror or the war in Iraq; I find them both to be an extreme waste of time, money and lives
- I hate all religions equally, for the pain they have caused over the centuries

I wish you the best of luck, “Syed”. You’ll need it.

Oh, I’ve blocked you from looking at my account on Flickr. Feel free to post whatever you want on my blog; but I’ll probably just delete it if it’s anything like your last post.

Gosh. I hope he doesn't crash a plane into my house. That would suck. Also, it would piss off my girlfriend; who does NOT wear a veil, and WOULD swear out a fatwa on his skinny ass. JIHAD, MOTHERFUCKER!

Wanna see the cartoons? Click on the title of this entry, or here.


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