Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Gosh. Maybe You Shouldn't Be A Pharmacist, Huh?

This is a slippery slope, indeed. How about (stolen/modified from here):

- Check out clerks who verify how fat you are before selling you that package of potato chips?
- Pharmacists who don't want to fill prescriptions for Jewish customers whose ancestors killed Christ?
- Pharmacists who don't want to help customers who worship a "Satanic counterfeit" (read: "The Pope," in fundie-speak)?
- Pharmacists who only dispense HIV medicine to "innocent victims" of AIDS?
- Pharmacists who want proof that women seeking emergency contraception were really raped, and that they didn't "deserve it"?
- Christian Scientist pharmacists or cashiers who refuse to sell any medicine, even aspirin, to anyone?
- Pharmacists who won't sell birth control pills to unmarried women, condoms to unmarried men, or any birth control at all because God doesn't want people spilling their seed?
- Employees who, for religious reasons, refuse to interact with gay people in any way, shape or form since gays are sinners, abominations, biological errors, and very likely pedophiles?


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