Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Things You Probably Don't Know About Me...

- I'm pro-choice, but anti-abortion.

- I speak fluent cat.

- I'm scared of people. Or maybe I just don't LIKE people.

- When I'm bored at work, sometimes I play "space battle" with pens, thumbtacks, and binder clips.

- I almost joined a Buddhist monastery a few years ago.

- I do NOT know when to hold 'em, or when to fold 'em. I do, however, know when to walk away, and I damn sure know when to run.

- I'm not as big an asshole as some people think I am. I am also not as nice as my girlfriend believes I am.

- I almost went on one of those "Russian Romance" tours to meet prospective wives before I met my girlfriend.

- My real dream is NOT to be a successful actor, but to be rich enough to never have to leave the house ever again (see the third item above).

- Ever since I was very young, I believed that someday I would develop special/super/psychic/magical powers that would make me special, and I'd be able to help people. I only recently stopped believing that. That was a pretty sad day for me.


Blogger nyomi said...

Space battle! That's fairly normal... at my last office job I kept a collection of bendy skeletons and would put them in compromising positions.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005 8:09:00 PM  

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