Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm Trying To Keep In Mind That Things Are Most Dark Before The Dawn...

Or some other bullshit platitude. Fuck. I was happy that they fucking MADE IT...but this is just embarrassing. I've stopped wearing my Astros hat in public, for fear of causing someone injury from laughing too hard.

It's not like the Sox are kicking the Astros around the field. All three games have come down to one play, one pitch, one situation...but of course, that could be said of any game that isn't a total blowout. The key players (hell, just about ALL the players) for the Astros simply are not hitting with men on base/in scoring position. The White Sox aren't either; but they seem to be getting better swings than the 'stros. This would be an enjoyable, if nail-biting series if the Astros weren't involved. Fuck.


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