Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Reality? Not Even Close.

Laura Bush has gotten a free ride for FAR too long. Let's get down to the brass tacks regarding the "First Lady"...anyone STUPID enough to marry a moron like Dubya, by simple extrapolation, would have to be TWICE as stupid as he is. Possibly even "functionally retarded"; whatever the fuck that means. I'm sick of her coming off like the second coming of Mother Teresa, while Hillary Clinton (who granted, is a HUGE bitch, albeit one I admire) is portrayed as Lady Macbeth. Especially knowing what an enormous cunt Dubya's mom is; and the tendencies of such pussy-ish men to marry a woman "just like momma"...yeah. And don't get me started on the hypocritical pile of shit that is Lynne Cheney.

Oh, and FYI: if you're the director of a reality show, and during the course of your duties you need to use the phrase "act surprised!"...guess what? You have CEASED TO BE THE DIRECTOR OF A REALITY SHOW. YOU ARE NOW DIRECTING A STAGED FICTION, AT BEST. STOP LYING TO YOURSELF, FUCKTARD.


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