Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Favorite Part Of Catholicism: Mutatable Morality!

"Drug money, you say? ¡Si! The church WELCOMES donations from the 'amateur pharmaceutical industry'!"

From the article:

Aguilar was responding to comments made Monday by Roman Catholic Bishop Ramon Godinez, of the central state of Aguascalientes, who said that donations linked to drug trafficking are not out of the ordinary -- and that it's not the church's responsibility to investigate their origin.

"If they have money, they have to spend it; I don't know why such a scandal has been made of this," Godinez said in a follow-up interview with the Televisa television network Tuesday. "If a drug trafficker gives, we are not going to investigate if he's a trafficker or not."

"Let me explain: We live on this, on the offerings of the faithful. And we do not investigate where they acquired the money."

On Monday, the bishop said money can start out being dirty but "can be transformed" when it enters the church
, Mexican news media reported.

Magic is KEWL.


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