Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Rita Update...

Regarding the safety of my family I wrote about here...many thanks to everyone who called, e-mailed, or just grabbed me and hugged me. Everybody's fine.

It's weird to hear and see the words Beaumont, Port Arthur, Groves, Jasper, & Lumberton in the national news. To me; these are towns I knew as a child. I was born in Beaumont, at St. Elizabeth's Hospital. I lived there until I was four or five, when we moved to Houston, where I lived most of my life before escaping to Chicago.

My dad has been acting as a "tour guide" for a group of French TV journalists. They pay well (or at least they buy him expensive meals...), and he can't work until things return to normal in Houston anyway (he is a real estate agent, and he also teaches real estate licensing courses).

My mom, John, et al, ended up weathering the storm at John's house. Mom's back home, and pissed because her cable is out, and she can't watch Law & Order nineteen times a day. She can't even play MUCH freecell on the doohickey the GF and I sent her, as the Warner cable guys fucked up her RF modulater thingy. Morons.

My brother John has been drafted by the City of Houston to oversee some sort of project. He's an electrical engineer for Cingular, so it may have something to do with...that.

Domino (my niece) weathered the storm at John's house (along with her awful mother and her ancient and wicked step-father), and is probably happily reading or playing video games, awaiting her triumphant return to school. I can't WAIT until she's up here in December. Two weeks away from that hell, in the winter wonderland that is Chicago. Yay! She is a jewel, and solely of her own creation; any part that others have played in the delightful goddess she is PURELY accidental.

My brother Mark (aka Mic, aka Domino's dad) escaped with his girlfriend to Marshall, Texas. He'll soon be getting drunk and smoking much pot back on Crystal Beach in between construction jobs.

We think my Aunt Bobby (not my real aunt; she's actually my godmother) is with her niece in The Woodlands, north of Houston.

My friends Kim, Jeremy, and the darling Abby made it through okay as well.

I haven't heard from a few people; but I won't start worrying until, oh, Friday.


Anonymous Nyomi said...

Cool, I am glad everyone is OK after that mess (which I'm so very happy to have missed out on). Domino is indeed an awesome girl and you can tell her I said so!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005 11:44:00 AM  

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