Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sorry. We Only Respond Quickly During Election Years. And Only In Certain States.

Interesting article on (you need a login to read it, or you can get a day pass by watching a commercial) about FEMA's reaction to election year hurricanes (in particular, last year's hurricane in Florida), vs. the current Katrina debacle. Debacle. I love the word debacle. DEBACLE!

An excerpt:

Writing last November for, which touts itself as "the independent business magazine of government," Charles Mahtesian noted, "Now that President Bush has won Florida in his 2004 reelection bid, he may want to draft a letter of appreciation to Michael Brown, chief of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Seldom has any federal agency had the opportunity to so directly and uniquely alter the course of a presidential election, and seldom has any agency delivered for a president as FEMA did in Florida this fall."


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